“I’m not able to make it up. It just would not work”: John Virtue interview below

Found Objects 09/07/12

Apologies to anyone who checked in last week, I was on a break. Back on it now:

  • So, Londoners, are you pro or anti the Shard? I only ask because nothing can compete with the wrath of Simon Jenkins in the Guardian.
  • The same paper reports on a 5 year old abstract art prodigy from India. God knows how he came up with his process.
  • For a man best known for working with corpses, Joel-Peter Witkin is a right natty dresser and cheerful interviewee (video).
  • New York Magazine profiles Yayoi Kusama. Worth a look, even if you feel you’ve already had too much of the spot-loving Japanese artist.
  • Dilligent Chloé Nelkin shares photos and impressions of Verona and Padua. That’s what you call a working holiday.
  • Not sure this is a genuine flashmob, but it’s still great. An orchestra appears out of nowhere to gig in a Spanish town square. Thanks to Edward Winkleman.
  • Art Fag City pop up in Belgium to review the latest Manifesta. The 2012 theme for the roving Biennial is coalmining.
  • What with Jeff Koon’s suspended steam train and Richard Wilson’s balancing bus, this kind off thing is having a moment. (from Beautiful/Decay).
  • As remote as the Tea Party seems from these shores, a spoof art manifesto is immediate and funny. See Hyperallergic.
  • This post on blissblog hit an unlikely musical spot. Simon Reynolds curates mainstream black pop from The Whispers to The Commodores.

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