“I like art to mean something, even if it only means something to me": Jasmine Surreal interview below.

Found Objects 12/11/12

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One major presidential election later . . . this blog brings you a largely indifferent set of links:

  • Obama’s uxoriousness may not be just what the world needs now. But this photo did the rounds and Phaidon has the story behind it. Seriously, it’s a relief.
  • Meanwhile in British politics, cash strapped councils are selling off historic artworks cf Tower Hamlets/Henry Moore
  • And then beyond politics altogether, we now have a trend for billionaires to hollow out their explensive plots of earth in West London: a must read.
  • A Grayson Perry interview with the Telegraph shows how far establishment have taken second best known transvestite to their hearts
  • Not news, per se, but an interesting way to pass three quarters of an hour. Hyperallergic makes the case for watching Jean Cocteau’s first feature
  • Beverley Knowles interviews Sam Belinfante and draws a startling conclusion from the current sound art show at Ikon Birmingham
  • We Make Money Not Art turns up another interesting artist. But Arnold Odermatti has a radical day job; he’s a policeman. See gallery of remarkable images
  • Daily Serving interviews William Powhida and finds a more approachable subject than you might expect from his twitter feed
  • Summer Nights is a 6-minute film by Alex Soth inspired by a monograph by Richard Adams. It captures a summer mood, which northerly readers may be missing already.

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