“Artists are so bizarre and come from such strange places”: Glenn Ligon interview below


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criticismism is a journal of art and ideas inspired by work in Brighton, UK, and beyond. It is by Mark Sheerin (me, see above), a regular contributor to Culture24, Hyperallergic, and Bad at Sports.

My work has also appeared in Art Quarterly, the Arts Desk, Art and Music and (once upon a time) in The News of the World. One-off gigs include:

  • an entry in a Whitechapel/MIT anthology on Nature
  • an intro for the 2014 Catlin Guide
  • a catalogue essay for Morphisisation show at APT Gallery (2014)
  • and a chapter on art for forthcoming book Subversive Scene from Supernova Books.

My background is in literature, with an MA in Critical Theory from Sussex, where I wrote about deconstruction and madness. But nothing prepared me for the rigors of an NCTJ certificate in Magazine Journalism in 2009. That was crazy too.

Get in touch: mark [at] criticismism [dot] com

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  1. […] about “In fashion and also in voodoo there are rules but you can’t read them,” Full interview w/ Nadine Jessen & Melissa Logan here. […]

  2. Dear Mr. Sheerin,

    Thanks for a very cool blog! I’m really a musician myself, first and foremost at least, but I’m releasing this vinyl album together with an artist and I thought it might interest your readers.

    Idea is really to merge the two art forms and create a product that is as much music album as piece of art – something both at home in the vinyl player as well as on the wall.

    Please drop me a line if you fancy hearing more about it. I’ve also put a video taster and some info on our website (http://www.artmusic.one) if you fancy having a look.

    Many thanks,

    Nils Klöfver
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    A R T M U S I C P R O J E C T
    email: info@artmusic.one
    web: http://www.artmusic.one
    video: youtu.be/A3SiVjoxkIs
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  3. Gerry Bell says:

    Good blog Mark!
    Another blog of contemporary art criticism, you might like to list, is http://capscrits.blogspot.com/
    reviewing key artists, shows and publications concerned with controversial issues.

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