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  • John Cage, River Rocks and Smoke 4/11/90 No.1

    The universe, it seems, has good taste. Here is a painting it did. Or rather, here is a painting John Cage allowed to happen, letting the I-Ching direct his brushstrokes if true to form. Observe the wispy sfmuato effect, created by students with burning straw. Look at that delicate use of colour and the almost …

    May 6, 2011
  • Bob and Roberta Smith interview

    Written for Culture24. Bob and Roberta Smith have called their forthcoming show The Life of the Mind, and the last notable person who offered to demonstrate that burnt down a hotel. The title is a quote from the 1991 movie Barton Fink with the arsonist played by John Goodman. He is very annoyed to have …

    January 11, 2011
  • The Interrogative Mood by Padgett Powell

    “If Duchamp or maybe Magritte wrote a novel…it might look something like this remarkable little book of Padgett Powell’s”. So speaks American novelist Richard Ford on the topic of recent bestseller, The Interrogative Mood. Yes, that is the novel written entirely in questions. Indeed, there is question after question for 164 pages. Powell will ask …

    January 8, 2011