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  • Eimear Walshe, The Land Question: Where the fuck am I supposed to have sex? (2021)

    History, says Eimear Walshe, with a look that could kill, is interesting. And the history of Ireland, related in her film, is a sorry one in which the poorest have always suffered the worst. So once, as landlords expanded their estates, you had the eviction of tenant farmers in Ireland’s west, you now have 10,000 …

    July 23, 2021
  • Interview: Martin Creed

    Anyone with more than a passing acquaintance with the practice of artist Martin Creed will know all about the fastidious numbering of his works. These begin with Work No.3 in 1986 (a yellow painting) and so far stretch as far as this year’s Work No. 1461 (an installation made with adhesive tape). What might surprise …

    April 30, 2013