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  • Turner Prize 2014

    Nothing like the Turner Prize to deliver half an hour of overwrought excitement. Not that the writer of this blog was there. He was wound like a spring on the sofa, as the reportage photo above implies. But how close can you get to this Prize? Like the man in a Kafka parable, you wait and …

    December 1, 2014
  • George Shaw: The Sly and Unseen Day

    As widely noted, the biggest shock of this year’s Turner Prize shortlist is painter George Shaw’s affinity with the enthusiasts who build model Spitfires. He doesn’t hide the fact that Humbrol enamel is his medium of choice. And it now looks like a conceptual statement carried to an extreme. He will have got through gallons. …

    June 21, 2011
  • Mike Nelson, The Coral Reef (2000)

    You are in the HEROIN ROOM. You can see: a painting, a broken chair, a lighter and some tin foil. There are exits: SE, SW. What do you want to do? _ That’s not meant to be the worst dropped intro ever written, but a faithful reproduction of the game-like dynamics of one of Mike …

    May 18, 2011