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  • Ceri Hand Summer Fete

    The burning question this week is possibly not: ‘What did it feel like to win a 12kg cake at the Ceri Hand Gallery’s Summer Fete?” But that’s what this post is about. Reader, it felt good. This blogger got a round of applause for a dubious and hitherto untried skill of guessing the weight of …

    August 20, 2013
  • Andrea Slater, If You Can Spass With Yoghurt You Can Spass With Caviar (2012)

    Few sights can be as alienating as a group of healthy grown adults spassing out in imitation of the most retarded members of our wider society. Such scenes are the enduring images of a 1999 film by Lars Von Trier called The Idiots. The Danish director’s community of spass-ers act out one mentally backwards flashmob …

    November 21, 2012
  • South London Black Music Archive @ Peckham Space

    If we accept the hypothesis that Africa was the cradle of the human race, it follows that black music predates the invention of the archive. Yet one of the most compelling aspects of the show at Peckham space is the newness of the exhibits: a Fugees t-shirt, a Cookie Crew album, an Amy Winehouse doll. …

    February 11, 2012