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  • Tessa Farmer, Swarm (2004)

    No, your eyes do not deceive you. Those really are tiny winged skeletons riding on the back of a dragonfly. And there are a hundred or more spectacles like this in Swarm by Tessa Farmer. They give the impression of an airborne war, as if the skeletons are fighting for control of their glass cabinet. …

    December 2, 2010
  • Anna Parkina, Cockleshell Garage ‘Raskushka’ (2010)

    Interlocking plywood is not the stuff of classical sculpture. It is too rough and ready. It puts one in mind of model making kits or, here, a model of a stage set. You might use it to build a mock up or something provisional. But Anna Parkina confounds this expectation. Her components are cut, punched …

    November 13, 2010
  • Simon Morse: The Butler’s Cough, Grey Area

    In a week artists have rallied round a David Shrigley animation and a petition against cuts to public funding, a show which seems to offer its own discreet protest opened at Grey Area. The Butler’s Cough by Simon Morse draws polite attention to a series of 12 customised control panels, such as you might find …

    September 12, 2010