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  • Marcus Coates & Henry Montes, A Question of Movement (2011)

    The less seriously he takes himself, the more his audience appear willing to suspend disbelief. This – it seems to me – is the peculiar genius of artist, and sometime shaman, Marcus Coates. His East London gallery is currently showing a four-year-old film in which he visits ‘ordinary’ people in their homes or workplaces and, prompted …

    October 5, 2015
  • Linda Remahl, Mien (2012)

    Peeping through holes at ladies dancing is not the main prospect which comes to mind when you plan a gallery visit. And to see Remahl’s work, men will have to stoop. But your sense of decorum is just about preserved when you realise that this peephole only features some arty, black and white, jump cut …

    August 1, 2012