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  • Klaus Weber, Sandfountain (2012)

    If gardens are symbols of mankind’s dominion over the natural world, then fountains are the suggestion of a triumph over physics. That’s one in your face, gravity. Having said that, there is nothing too agressive about the many spouts of water you can find in many a city square, many a palace or not-even-stately home. …

    July 20, 2012
  • Kaffe Matthews, ‘You might come out of the water every time singing’ (2012)

    “Okay, we’re 30m underwater on a ley line and we’re heading for some squid,” or words to that effect. Such is my greeting from artist Kaffe Matthews. My response is helpless excitement. I lie on my back on the shark platform and look up at the murky green light. You can well imagine the hammerheads …

    May 8, 2012