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  • Leah Gordon, Atis Rezistans: The Sculptors of Grand Rue (2012)

    Just as Joseph Beuys once declared his reciprocal love for America, in this film you will see a Haitian artist state: “I like vodou and vodou likes me.” He goes so far as to add, “Everyone likes vodou.” But whatever ghetto sculptor Guyodo might think or say, not everyone does like vodou. Not unless you …

    October 30, 2012
  • Review: Clare Rojas – We They, We They

    Exhibition: Clare Rojas – We They, We They, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, until March 21 2010 Stepping into the first UK museum show by Clare Rojas is like stumbling upon the private chapel of a slightly mad Pagan with plenty of time, paint and a tall step ladder. Four walls in the first gallery are covered …

    February 11, 2010