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  • Ai Weiwei, Straight (2008-12)

    There are two epicentres under consideration in this monumental installation at the Royal Academy right now. One was in Wenchuan County in Sechuan; the other is the government in Beijing. The first meant a quake that destroyed 20 schools. The second has monitored the ongoing work of China’s best known artist and kept him at …

    October 1, 2015
  • Sanja Iveković, The Disobedient (The Revolutionaries) (2012)

    The fifty donkeys were cute and the labels were amusing. But it was the third element in this piece which packed a real punch. A photo of a real donkey behind barbed wire in a town square. It was a scene was staged by Nazi authorities in 1933 as a warning not to be stubborn and …

    October 28, 2014
  • Tamoko Takahashi, Clockwork at De La Warr Pavilion (1998-2010)

    This installation is an open invitation to skeptics. The materials are literally rubbish. There is no apparent order to the display. If this work was collected up and put in a skip we would walk past without a second glance. So Takahashi’s work can seem a byword for mischief. She takes the world’s least valuable …

    August 1, 2010
  • Frederic Geurts – A Fine Line, at Fabrica

    The work invites you to walk around it, to weave a path between its fragile legs. The viewer cannot grasp it until having gazed from both ends and upwards at points between. A Fine Line by Frederic Geurts is another work about space and the human form. It there any other subject? We take spatial …

    July 23, 2010
  • Diane Arbus/Chicks on Speed/Arabicity/July must-sees

    Here’s another round up of stories written in the past week for Culture24: Preview: Diane Arbus – Artist Rooms, Nottingham Contemporary Preview: Chicks on Speed – Don’t Art, Fashion, Music, Dundee Contemporary Arts Preview: Arabicity: Such a Near East, the Bluecoat Culture24’s art must sees for July

    July 11, 2010
  • Fiona Banner – Harrier and Jaguar (The 2010 Duveens Commission at Tate Britain)

    Perhaps all art has ever done is provide visual enjoyment, depsite the questionable values inherent in traditional, modern or contemporary subject matter. Fiona Banner’s latest commission at Tate Britain is indeed problematic, but without question it is still enjoyable. The London-based artist has installed two decommissioned fighter planes in the neoclassical Duveens Gallery. One, upside down, …

    June 29, 2010
  • Whitstable Biennale/Persistence of Vision/Wolfgang Tillmans

    Here’s another round up of my week’s output for Culture24. Happy reading… Review: Lucienne Cole, Karen Mirza & Ruth Beale, Phil Coy and Alex Pearl at Whitstable Biennale Preview: Persistence of Vision at FACT, Liverpool Preview: Wolfgang Tillmans at Serpentine, London

    June 26, 2010
  • Preview: Cage Mix – Sound and Sculpture at BALTIC

    Exhibition: Cage Mix – Sound and Sculpture, BALTIC, Gateshead, until September 19 2010 If ever a course sounded challenging, it was this one: Experimental Composition at the New School for Social Research; tutor: John Cage. Cage taught the classes towards the end of the 1950s and his students were by and not musicians, but artists. …

    June 11, 2010