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  • Marcel Duchamp, Portrait of Chess Players, 1911

    Unlike a piece of writing or a piece of art, it is easy enough to get started with a game of chess. The game of kings offers a limited number of openings. You might never use more than a couple. For this reason, and several others, most creative people should envy Marcel Duchamp. He turned …

    February 26, 2013
  • David Dawson, Mirror in Studio (2004)

    Like many a good artist’s studio, that of Lucian Freud required a mirror. And when David Dawson was in the studio it would have become a rich metaphor. Freud‘s longterm assistant was also a painter. The master would also paint Dawson. And Dawson in turn made portraits of his employer – photographic, like the one …

    March 21, 2012
  • Opposition to the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings

    Pictured above is a view from upstairs at the brand new Jerwood Gallery in Hastings. If those fishing boats weren’t already picturesque enough, now they are framed. At the foot of the shot is a yellow poster. And as you might know, there are several of these nearby, all voicing opposition to the new £4m …

    March 17, 2012