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  • Quentin Bell, May Day Procession with Banner (1937)

    For many on the Left, the Spanish Civil War may have been a somewhat romantic affair. But it soon turned into an epic disappointment. It was a disappointment on the scale of WWII. Pallant House in Chichester is currently showing the first exhibition devoted to British artists during the Iberian conflict. It makes a good …

    January 8, 2015
  • Gordon Matta-Clark, Reality Properties: Fake Estates (1973)

    Reality can seem a debatable term. But is worth considering that the word came into use in the 1540s as a legal reference to a fixed property. Of course, the word realty still means possession. So you could make a case for Fake Estates being a realist artwork par excellence. Because Matta-Clark took ownership of …

    March 11, 2011
  • Review: Christen Købke – Danish Master of Light

    Exhibition: Christen Købke – Danish Master of Light, The National Gallery, London, until June 13 2010 This is an exhibition in which each painting’s title is as precise as the brushwork. View of a Street in Østerbro Outside Copenhagen, on the Right ‘Rosendal’, in the Background ‘Petersberg’ is a case in point. The picture itself …

    March 26, 2010