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  • Interview: Marcus Coates

    Marcus Coates, The Plover’s Wing, 2009. Courtesy the Artist and Workplace Gallery. Marcus Coates arrives wearing neither badger fur nor stag antlers. He drinks tea, not peyote, and does not bark, yelp or fall into a trance. In fact there is no evidence at all this man has a hotline to the animal kingdom. His …

    March 11, 2010
  • Review: Marcus Coates – Psychopomp

    Exhibition: Marcus Coates – Psychopomp, Milton Keynes Gallery, until April 4 2010 It is amazing what Marcus Coates gets away with. A film called Journey to the Lower World shows him inform tower block residents that he has been to the spirit kingdom to consult animals about their fate. To get there, he reveals, he …

    February 16, 2010
  • Preview: Psychopomp by Marcus Coates

    Work by modern day shaman Marcus Coates is on show at Milton Keynes Gallery in the first UK public space to hold a survey of the artist’s work. Psychopomp includes early film pieces, sculpture, sound, costume, photography as well as new work. In many of the pieces Coates goes to extreme lengths to commune with …

    January 23, 2010