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  • Interview: Jake Chapman

    Some things don’t need to be said, unless you are one of the Chapman brothers being interviewed in advance of a rare public appearance: “No one’s going to get hurt. No one’s going to get injured. There’s no blood involved,“ says younger Chapman sibling Jake. “It’s not spectacularised. No one’s going to find themselves with …

    May 14, 2013
  • Interview: Gavin Turk

    Sculptor Gavin Turk is perhaps best known for work about Gavin Turk. He has dressed as Sid Vicious and posed for a waxwork, or dressed as a vagrant. He has posed for photos as Andy Warhol or Che. And his degree show consisted simply of a blue plaque confirming his historic residence at the RCA. …

    May 12, 2013
  • Damien Hirst, Lapdancer (2006)

    If needing just one word to sum up Damien Hirst at Tate Modern, you might resort to some made up slang invented for a work of dystopian fiction. The violence of his killed and pickled animals is horrorshow, as is the vitrine pictured. Real horrorshow, the ultimate accolade for gang member Alex in A Clockwork …

    April 8, 2012