Found Objects 18/06/11

June 19, 2011

The big news this week is that criticismism was down for about 24 hours. Apologies to anyone who tried to visit on Thursday or Friday. Anyway, it’s back…with links:

  • 18 war photographers talk about shots which almost got them killed in the Guardian. This is an agonising piece that somehow conveys more than the pictures themselves.
  • Still in the combat zone, Iraq veteran and memoir author Matt Gallagher writes in The Atlantic and asks why are there no great novels about the War on Terror.
  • Another Guardian story reveals the photo of the year was taken by accident. Ironic that it happened in Vancouver, a city famous for staged, concept-driven photographs.
  • Der Spiegel has an astonishing story about Hallstatt in Austria. Apparently the Chinese are building an illegal replica of the whole town. Imagine this happening to yours. Thanks to @TylerGreenDC.
  • How much will a fried breakfast cost you in Kiev? Well, it depends where you cook it. Russian artist Anna Sinkova has just got three months in jail. Another great video from Animal.
  • Alistair Gentry from Career Suicide has an angry rant about arts funding in the UK which somehow resolves itself into a calm and incontrovertible conclusion. Read it.
  • We Make Money Not Art continue to sniff out some of the most interesting shows in Europe. The latest is a project in Innsbruck in which architects plan bank robberies.
  • Miniature touring artworks seem to be all the rage. Crystal Bennes has been blogging about Karl England’s mysterious Morph Plinth.
  • Miniature touring artworks Part 2: Brooklyn-based Hyperallergic brought some of their mail art to Brighton.
  • The dangerous yarn bombing craze gathers momentum with a street exhibition in Santa Monica. LA Times reports.

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